Physicians are slowly realizing that they could learn to teach better.


Teaching seldom is natural, but is in fact a learnable skill. Find here resources that can help, and a platform on which to speak. Follow my discovery of how a M.Ed can affect an approach to not only teaching, but to the practice of medicine, and perhaps to life.


This blog is in essence a diary of these experiences, and a reworking of some pieces written during that masters program that may be of benefit to both physicians and students alike. On the navigation bar you can find resources that may assist the classroom lecturer, the small group leader, the chief resident doing ward rounds with the clerks, those clerks themselves, the solo GP with a med student, or even just that physician…always learning!


Students just embarking on their educational journey in medicine may find themselves floundering. There is some help here.


I’ve been asked if this is a platform from which to throw grenades. I hope not. I confess to a desire to share my own awakening… but please don’t let this be only my voice. Let’s start a conversation, an interaction.


We can teach differently, better. We can learn, better.




Because then we can help people, better.

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