Integrity: Links and Resources

an example from sports: ppgear. (2007, June 28). Wang Liqin. Integrity. [Video file]. Retrieved from


a) definition of integrity:


TuckSchoolofBusiness. (2012, Dec 11). What is integrity? [Video file]. Retrieved from


video clips of

> S Covey speaks of the character vs the personality ethic:

greaterawarenesstv. (2011, Sep 7).Stephen Covey explaining the character ethic and the personality ethic. [Video file]. Retrieved from


> Ted Turner speaks of ethics in business:


owntv. (2012, Jan 29).Ted Turner on Honor and Integrity – Oprah’s Master Class – Oprah Winfrey Network. [Video file]. Retrieved from


> Ethics from the point of view of a physician lawyer:


PhysicianAttorney. (2011, June 21). Integrity in Medicine and Law, Attorney and Physician Deborah Maliver. [Video file]. Retrieved from


> Ethics from the point of view of a physician:


doctorscompany. (2013, Apr 2). The Six Commandments of Medicine. [Video File]. Retrieved from

b) philosophy: readings and video clips


>Tao te Ching, readings:


Linn, D. (2006). Tao te Ching. Tao and virtue classic. True Tao. Retrieved from


You tube video of Dr W. Dyer discussing the Tao te Ching:

iwonderjam. (2012, Dec 22).Dr. Wayne Dyer – The Wisdom of Tao Te Ching. [Video file]. Retrieved from


> Gita in a Nutshell:


gokulmuthu. (2013, Ap 14). Gita in a nutshell. Practical philosophy and rational religion. Retrieved from


> A look at the Law of Human Nature:


Lewis, C.S. (1952). Mere Christianity. New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers, Inc.


(look at this website below for a marvelous dialogue between Sigmund Freud, and C.S. Lewis)


A quote from “Mere Christianity”, discussing Moral Law:

> Viktor Frankl’s purpose based therapy (logotherapy): A life changing short read!


Frankl, V. (1959). Man’s Search for Meaning: an introduction to logotherapy. New York: Simon and Schuster.


See Dr Frankl speak:


yecto (2007, Sept 20). Search for meaning.. Retrieved from


>The hippocratic oath, and the hippocratic tradition.


National Institute of Health, National Library of Medicine, History of Medicine Division.(n.d.) Greek medicine. “I swear by Apollo physician…”: Greek medicine from the Gods to Galen. Retrieved from


>The Samaritan tradition.


De Guerre, C. (2004). Good samaritan statutes: are medical volunteers protected? Virtual Mentor, 6 (4). Retrieved from


> Thomas Percival and the first AMA code of ethics, 1847.


Davis, M. (2003). What can we learn by looking for the first code of professional ethics?

Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, 24(5): 433-454. Retrieved from

> The “doing good rubric”: physician vs scientist.


Brooks, M.A. (2005). The moral tension of the physician- scientist. JAMA. 10 (4): 120-121. Retrieved from

>Modern medical ethics: Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-maleficence and Justice.


Jane Runzheimer, J. & Johnson Larsen, L. (n.d.) Medical ethics for dummies cheat sheet.

Retrieved from


> Intimacy and relationship inequality


Yeo, M. & Longhurst, M. (1996). Intimacy in the patient-physician relationship. Committee on Ethics of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Can Fam Physician. 42: 1505–1508.PMCID: PMC2146817

> Conflict of interest.


Conflict of interest. (n.d.) The Canadian medical association. Retrieved from

> are we full vessels? Brains are plastic.

Wainwright, S.R. & Galea, L.A. (2013).The Neural Plasticity Theory of Depression: Assessing the Roles of Adult Neurogenesis and PSA-NCAM within the Hippocampus. Neural Plast. 2013:805497. doi: 10.1155/2013/805497.


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Rothenberger, A., and Rothenberger, LG. (2012)Updates on Treatment of

 Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Facts, Comments, and Ethical Considerations. Curr Treat Options Neurol. December; 14(6): 594–607.doi:  10.1007/s11940-012-0197-2


c) examples of those with integrity, biographies.


> The man from Molokai.

Daws, G.(1973) Holy Man: Father Damien of Molokai. Honolulu:University of Hawaii Press.


>Ben Franklin:

The electric Ben Franklin: A quick biography of Ben Franklin.(n.d.) Retrieved from


>Abraham Lincoln:

16. Abraham Lincoln, 1861-1865. (n.d.) The White House: Presidents. Retrieved from

>Albert Schweitzer:

Albert Schweitzer – Biographical.(2013). Retrieved from


>Fictional Characters:

Pho, K. (2012, June 17). Marcus Welby, MD, is still relevant today. [Web log comment,] Retrieved from



Brancusi, C. (2009) Socrates. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Retrieved from entries/ socrates/


>Mother Teresa:

Van Bieman, D. (2007, Ap 23) Mother Teresa’s Crisis of Faith. Time. Retrieved from