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During my M.Ed online (Concordia, Portland), I was so impressed that I emailed the powers that be on more than one occasion to develop an online program just for physicians. It would be a breath of fresh air: a M.Ed for physician from an Arts faculty. Probably unique on this planet…

You know how it went, I just betcha. A big flurry of initial interest, then… nothing. Dead in the water would be my guess. Too bad.

That’s a large impetus for this website. I’m trying to do it alone! I’ve tried to share here a lot of the resources I encountered during my Masters…. Some of them superficially look not pertinent. Believe me; they are.

I came out of this thing not only understanding teaching theory, but actually seeing, and thinking differently.

It’s not perfect. This course of study could use some major tweaking before being offered generally to physicians. But what an experience!

If you have any links, or papers, etc to add, please let me know.

Hover over that menu, and browse these resources…If you read nothing else, please read the paper on cognitive apprenticeship if you’re a clinical teacher. I’ve put that over on the learner section…Ok, I’ll be duplicitous and put it here, too!

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