Want a simple exercise to decrease perceptual distortion?

Can you draw accurately?

If you’re like most people, you may say you don’t have “the gift”. There may be natural inclinations towards appreciating or producing art, but basically, if you can’t draw, you haven’t learned how to see. If you’re a surgeon, do you think that may be important? If you’re a counselor, are you clearly hearing your patient? How much are you distorting it?

There is a new downplay of the left/ right brain split in day to day function. Years ago, people used to say “left brain thinking”, etc. This is all de-emphasized now, with a new stress on how the hemispheres work together.

Read the book below. This used to be a standard text for teachers.

I know you’ve dissected brains.

Read this and get a whole new appreciation for yours. Brain, that is.

Do the exercises, and learn just how distorted your perception actually is. There is a companion workbook which is quite mind blowing, if you’re really willing to challenge your preconception about your perception (!!)


Edwards, B. (1999) The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. New York:Penguin