Student Resources

Look here for some help.

During my M.Ed at Concordia online (Portland), my learning skills went up.

Way up.

Yours can, too!

Explore some resources here. Hover over that list of resources, and pick and choose. Do yourself a favour, and PLEASE read the cognitive apprenticeship paper. It’s a mandatory read I’m giving all my learners now. You need to understand what’s happening on the ward. It’s the best teaching experience you can possibly have, and you can make it better, even if your staff doesn’t understand the process. Knowledge is power! Understand the learning process you go through as you do your ward work, and come out of this experience the physician you’ve always wanted to be.

Another favour? Please? Read the literacy blurb.

If you’ve got some resources that you think can help, let me know. PLEASE!

The Man Behind the HandCreative Commons License Keoni Cabral via Compfight