Please consider archiving your QIP here for others physicians to see. I’ve put my Concordia Portland “Capstone Project” here (my action research, my QIP). It’s very formal. Yours doesn’t have to be at all.

QIPs are truly unique for each practice, each group of patients, each physician, each moment in time. They’re not (usually) RCTs, that can be widely applied. They inform the physician of the circumstances at that time, with that group of patients. Reading a QIP here does not mean that it will hold in your corner of the world, with your group of patients, at another time.

A patient satisfaction survey done in 1985 doesn’t hold for 2014…

Hospital transition statistics and maneuvers to improve access one year may not at all hold the next…

But they do inform us. They are a scientific way to approach problems in our own practices, ways to improve our performance, ways to improve health care delivery and outcomes.

Help us learn from your experience. Please contact me. I’d love to archive your QIP, so all can potentially benefit from your work.

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