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Sharing behaviour in a medical school classroom

Sharing behaviour in a medical school classroom is an interesting topic. Josh Harper via Compfight Medical students by their very nature are incredibly competitive. They’ve gotten where they are by beating everybody else at the classroom game. At times, they have partnered with another learner to prepare summaries, to then share, certainly clearly sharing behaviour.Continue Reading

Your intelligences, your learning styles…

Have you scored yourself? Have you discovered your intelligences, your learning styles? It’s an interesting piece of … entertainment for an evening with lousy TV shows. Try it. Ted Kerwin via Compfight I have to confess I read Jensen’s (2010) opinion of learning styles (he described this “so-called truth”…”a big, smelly pile of doo-doo”) andContinue Reading

What is your medical classroom community?

A community is commonly defined as a group living together, inferring common ownership, interests and/or background, heritage. (adapted from Merriam-Webster). This would suggest an association of like individuals in one location, which could mean all human beings on earth. Similarly, it could be the ants in the anthill beneath your kid’s swing set. Grouping couldContinue Reading

Does economic status affect clinical interaction?

Does economic status affect clinical interaction? Does is affect the attempt to teach your patient? The way you present material? Have you thought about it? Does it affect the way you dress? Comport yourself? Decorate your clinic? lozikiki via Compfight I came to my local hospital in 1988. It is a bit of a bedroomContinue Reading

Equity in medicine

Equity speaks to opportunity, equality to treatment. Purple Sherbet Photography via Compfight In regards opportunity, I have had students of all races, but a few male students. Does this mean that males don’t choose family medicine? That females prefer rural locations? That there are fewer males in medicine? (there are.) I have no answers here, butContinue Reading

Multiple intelligence theory mumbo jumbo

Is there really anything to all this multiple intelligence theory mumbo jumbo? You know, learning styles, different “sorts” of learners. Are some clearly cut of some different kind of fabric, that would require a different approach? Quinn Dombrowski via Compfight Take a wee look at a website for me. “”   Or, you could googleContinue Reading