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Time for a Dive in Ocean?

I’ve recently downloaded my Concordia Portland capstone project, my action research, my first Quality Improvement Project (QIP). I did this late 2013. I struggled to use the PS Suite EMR to more advantage, pressed into service tablets and the Kavanagh’s “Ocean” program. It truly felt like it. A “Dive in the Ocean.” Brett Davies viaContinue Reading

Telemedicine: Just how do you eat a bonus?

Dr Ed Brown, founder and head, CEO of Ontario Telemedicine Network, gave the keynote address at the OntarioMD EMR conference in London, Ontario Mar 27, 2014. The topic, you guessed it, was the state of telemedicine in Ontario, and a look to the future.   I ate lunch. Jiuck via Compfight   I was betweenContinue Reading

Starting Quality Improvement Projects (QIP’s). Be Stellar!

Where do you focus your time and energy when you’re starting to do QIPs (Quality Improvement Projects)?   Well, where the government tells you to start! Look at to start. ecatoncheires via Compfight   Your organization has its own particular issues you want to tackle, such as patients, or physicians, that are habitually late.Continue Reading

Can you stick a carrot in a SNOMED?

The English language is a code. But computers are lousy at recognizing it, at least when it comes to medical terminology. You think hieroglyphics seem complicated? Seen SNOMED? OliBac via Compfight   You have your EMR. Unlike most MDs, you’ve actually populated your problem list with diagnoses. You thought you were done.   You’re not.Continue Reading