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The Unsafe Resident.

There are labels, and then there are labels. Good, bad, ugly. Then there’s the one that will absolutely kill your resident, or intern, or medical student. Or colleague. Grey World via Compfight Unsafe.   Let’s be careful when we use that one. Nothing burns like that, nothing sucks like that, nothing taints like that. ItContinue Reading

Stories work, statistics don’t.

Narratives have become required activities for family medicine residents. And usually bring muted groans and eye rolls. If not stated explicitly, most residents question the utility of this activity, and at best look at it as a hurdle, a necessary exercise. You can see some at Alberto Racatumba via Compfight “Stories beat statistics, andContinue Reading

The future family medicine clinic?

We may have seen the future family medicine clinic. lamont_cranston via Compfight At the October OntarioMD EMR conference, one group presented last, or almost last. Exhaustion was palpable. Slumping replaced sitting. But this group was enthused. These young people, recent grads, had developed their own software additions to use in concert with Oscar, the openContinue Reading

Small Towns, ER’s and Rock

hula hoop?….You’ve got a cheerleader? What is this?   Chevall via Compfight   We gave up Sirius XM earlier in the year, because, contrary to popular opinion, a couple of bucks a day matters, even to us high roller deep pocketed physicians. Ahem.   So, after a momentary frustration, accessing the satellite radio and gettingContinue Reading

Surveys, and qualitative studies.

  Do you do office surveys? Or are you like I was, convinced that surveying your patients was a waste of time? Not to be nasty, it’s just that it’s such a small sample size. How could anything useful be gleaned from such a thing? Certainly not statistically significant, right? Enter qualitative studies, stage left,Continue Reading

Father Damien of Molokai

Self Sacrifice Incarnate Holy Man: Father Damien of Molokai, by Gavan Daws.(1973) Honolulu:University of Hawaii Press. ISBN: 978-0-8248-0920-1. 293 pp. Paperback   Read about Father Damien of Molokai. Learn about leprosy, about medicine, and about life. This book is a biography of a man, and history of the times. A man is born to aContinue Reading