Surveys, and qualitative studies.


Do you do office surveys? Or are you like I was, convinced that surveying your patients was a waste of time? Not to be nasty, it’s just that it’s such a small sample size. How could anything useful be gleaned from such a thing? Certainly not statistically significant, right?

Enter qualitative studies, stage left, oh, about 15 years after I left med school. Sure, they were around then, but they were heavily criticized, no, let’s call a spade a spade, laughed at. Ridiculed. If there was a study with an “n” of less than oh, 50000, throw it out. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

Yes, I know you’re all on board, all cued up QIP ready. Have to be, right? Sort of like a Canadian legislated music hit. Qualitative studies are all the rage. Your resident is doing one, right now, on your practice, trying real hard to pull your pants down in front of your colleagues. Just how many bone densities DID you order on your male patients, Hmmm? But it all doesn’t matter, anyway, right? Because deep down you still think it’s all … well, let’s not sink down to that level.

You do satisfaction surveys, right? No? That, too? All nonsense?

I recently had an eye opening experience. I sent out an identical letter, a wee survey, to my hospital colleagues, my LinkedIn contacts, my daughter’s facebook contacts, and random, consecutive patients that presented to clinic.

I’ve written kind of a primer, a CBT/ DBT primer and hidden it in a book about learning to sleep. I was struggling with the cover, and decided to get people to vote on it.

Here’s the body of the letter. I tried to image it and present it here, but it didn’t come out too well. What I’ll do is type the letter over, and append images at the bottom. Remember the images are supposed to be ~ 1x 1 1/2 inches.


The images were difficult to insert, and are jumbled out of position. A real computer whiz I am! But you can get the idea. This same letter went out to different groups of people, as described above. NOW, the game is, guess which people picked which cover!





I need your help with possible book covers!

I’ve written a little blurb simplifying cognitive/ dialectical behaviour therapy principles, and hidden them in an ebook about learning to sleep.

“I Just Want to Freaking Sleep” is a book that’s written to not just tell, but teach basic principles. People can learn how to sleep, and along the way, learn how to make their mental map more clearly reflect reality. Maybe learn to feel sunshine again!

Please help me pick a cover! In the book, illustrations often show the book’s heroine, usually wearing bunny slippers, trying to engage the material. This is who’s on the cover…
My major goal is to have a cover that will light up a thumbnail on Amazon, not necessarily the most beautiful cover, but the most functional one.

  1. BLUE             B.  RED                C. ORANGE             D. GREEN


PLEASE LEAVE US YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS:________________________________


Any feedback is appreciated. Which one stands out the most? Any preference for font? Are there any comments about the subtitles? Are they even legible enough? Comments on the pictures?

I just need some feedback. Each cover could work, and light up fairly well. However, they certainly do have different “feels”: the orange perhaps a bit more professional. The others perhaps a bit more edgy, desperate. Some have thought scary! Thoughts?

Circle your choice! If you’d like an email when it comes out, leave your address.

(It’ll be free first few days).


R IrelandB. Red. Compressed Ebook cover - Google Docs

sleep cover 3 - Google Docs

eBook Cover #1 - I just want to freaking sleep - Google Docs

Sleep cover #4 - Google Docs

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